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our company Our company Cleaning Services Your home is very important to you and choosing a professional cleaning company that you can trust can be difficult. Friendly Family Maids offers local service, efficient, friendly and affordable. What sets us apart is our full focus on our customers; come first in everything we do. So providing a flexible, reliable and comprehensive service is only a starting point - we want to provide an exceptional customer experience. Family should always come first.

So why choose Friendly Family Maids for your cleaning needs of the home? We pride ourselves on: A high quality, service regardless of sizes and depths, cleaning can be achieved, customer service focused, friendly, family oriented, God fearing, Flexible, reliable and honest. There are not contracts that need to be signed.

Just a service agreement. Lowest and justifiable price possible. As for the types of domestic cleaning we offer, you can choose from housekeeping to measure: Regular cleaning: daily, weekly, monthly cleaning, including emergency or domestic cleaning, day to day housekeeping are available on request, we will make every effort to provide whatever you need to be cleaned.: Save time and effort and spend more time with you family, or doing what you love to do.

Leave the cleaning to us! Whether it is a last minute cleaning, monthly cleaning, deep cleaning, or even carpet cleaning, we can get the job done and right! So for all your household cleaning, choose Friendly Family Maids- local cleaning business, professional and friendly! Licensed Bonded Insured Commercial, Office, Move out and move in Cleaning Businesses are constantly selling their professionalism and business ethics. Every visitor who comes through their doors are getting an instant impression on you and how it is used.

Having a clean business environment is essential office. Friendly Family Maids provides professional commercial cleaning service for a variety of locations that provide an exceptionally clean and orderly environment for clients, staff and other visitors. The staff are more productive in a clean environment and customers will feel more comfortable that your office clean and professional reflect how your business works.

We offer three main commercial cleaning services: Office Cleaning: specific for office situations, we will provide a full cleaning service at a time to suit the shape of your business operating hours.

We can clean / carpets, remove garbage, clean kitchens, bathrooms, showers, clean internal windows, clean desks etc.. We can provide a regular service or deep cleaning to keep your environment clean and in order. Tenure cleaning work: operate a fast service to rental properties cleaned thoroughly to the owners at the end of each rental reply. This may require a deep cleaning that are always willing to accommodate. Our staff is experienced in all aspects of cleaning at the end of tenure.

Some refer this to move in and move outs. So why choose Friendly Family Maids for commercial, office and end of tenancy cleaning needs? Flexible to adapt to their working hours and outside hours with minimum interruption. clean or deep cleaning. Our Promise No task is too small or great. Family sticks together and helps one another, and that is just our promise. Professional Services Cleaning Are you struggling to find the right cleaner for your home or office? Someone who is complete, reliable, and above all friendly and trustworthy? Friendly Family Maids is the Leader Cleaning in tacoma and around when it comes to customer service and satisfaction.

Our team is fully trained and experienced, which provides a flexible cleaning solution to suit your needs. we can offer: Reliability - when we say we're coming. Flexibility - fit around your needs timeframe and cleaning; one of the works or cleaning regular Uniforms - we will always look and act professional. Reliable- high quality cleaning at the highest level possible. Professionalism - all staff are fully trained in all aspects of cleaning lovable - all of our team they are very friendly. Honesty - fully trained our staff to be very discreet and respect others. All our staff are fully insured to operate your home or office. Affordability - very competitive prices, per hour or per job.

Simple - no contracts. 100% money back guarantee. Friendly Family Maids will provide a cleaning service as either small weekly cleanings, works of larger deeper cleaning. Guaranteed to leave your home or office spotless and shiny to save valuable time and effort. We are very happy to come visit you to discuss your exact needs and how we can help. Free estimates! Remember, "A tidy house leads to an orderly mind." There are many benefits of having a cleaner including: Save precious time. Certain unpleasant jobs, things you cannot do.